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    Les oubliés
    2011 - ongoing
    Ensemble of sculptures of ordinary details we can meet in art venues.
    Crafted with a basic art supplies economy, this simulacres hits habits and attention of visitors. This MacGuffins helps to develop a scenario in, or a potential story of, the exhibition space.

    Les oubliés, 2011
    7 cm each
    Les oubliés, 2012
    3 cm each
    Les oubliés, 2013
    Enameled porcelain
    1 x 4 cm
    Les oubliés, 2015
    Acrylic paint on wall
    Dimensions variable
    Les oubliés, 2015
    Synthetic plaster
    4,5 x 1 cm
    Les oubliés, 2016
    Graphite, varnished wood, acrylic paint
    27,5 x 8 x 2,5 cm
    Les oubliés, 2016
    Synthetic plaster, Indian ink
    1 x 4 cm
    Les oubliés, 2018
    Pinewood, Indian ink, acrylic paint, aluminium foil varnish
    5 x 5,3 x 2,3 cm
    Les oubliés, 2018
    Synthetic plaster, pigments, acrylic paint
    13,5 x Ø 0,8 cm